Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay - workshop day 5

Hello Tuesday!

Team #HORRO was waiting outside the door already planning for the shoot day! Good morning Forest, Olivia, Jacey and Kaleigh! When Niccola and Patrick arrive it is FULL SWING for the last stages of pre-production: story board, shot lists, props and costumes! While Patrick and Niccola collect the tent and other supplies, Isaac, Taang Guunaay, Olivia, Forest and Kaleigh jumped right into storyboard and Jacey makes the scene shooting plan on the white board! Fake joints are rolled and costumes organized. At around 10:30am this crew heads to their location to film. Patrick takes the gear and part of the team in his car & Tracy takes the rest of the team and the snacks in her car. The location is about 10 minutes out of town and has no internet signal!

Camellia arrives (with new pink braces!) for Team VLOGGER and catches up by reviewing the footage and the edit that was done yesterday. It takes getting used to seeing yourself on the screen! Maggie joins her as does Gavin. They all worked further on adding new footage and fine tuning existing material. They also planned for Erica’s arrival for the 11am filming. Gavin had a volleyball meeting so Maggie took on the second camera role and captured Erica’s scene down by the water - just walking distance from the school. It was an emotional session since Erica’s character touched on real issues facing Indigenous people: residential school, reserves, land rights, losing their pride…and this, in turn, touched Camellia’s heart. Camellia’s character, Turquoise, is a vapid self centred blogger who, upon meeting and talking with Erica’s character changes her mind and gets convinced to use her 3 million viewership to incite positive change in the world. Erica also said kind words about how a film like this could really change people’s minds and truly get them thinking. Sometimes while filming emotional scenes the real emotions come out. This was one of those times. Hats off to Camellia for being so brave to take on a character that is so flawed but yet in the end willing to change.

After eating a late lunch Maggie, Gavin and Camellia edited this new scene as a team - almost 15 solid minutes were shaved into a 4 minute end to their rough assembly…they ended the day having a 17 minute edit and made plans to shoot 2 more final scenes plus b-roll tomorrow! GREAT WORK pushing through an emotional and thus tiring day!

Team #HORRO returned right before the bell today, with 3 scenes in the bag! Patrick had a quick review of some the scenes with everyone and they looked GREAT! We got to see some great acting by Isaac waking up after a long night, Forest coming out of the tent and being really angry and Kaleigh reacting after she drank out of a gross old can. There were also some fun bloopers! Apparently the birds were incredibly loud in the forest so there may be some sound challenges….but all in all they were one satisfied bunch! Pat yourselves on the back for working SO HARD! This team plans to return to their location first thing tomorrow!