COMOX Valley

British Columbia

The Comox Valley is a region on the east coast of Vancouver Island that includes the city of Courtenay, the town of Comox, the village of Cumberland, and the unincorporated settlements of Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Black Creek and Merville. The communities of Denman Island and Hornby Island are also considered part of the Comox Valley. The Comox Valley contains a growing population of over 54,000. For thousands of years indigenous people occupied the shoreline of eastern Vancouver Island in a place referred to as, "the land of plenty". This Land of Plenty stretched from what is known today as Kelsey Bay south to Hornby and Denman Island and included the watershed and estuary of the Puntledge River. The people called K'ómoks today referred to themselves as Sathloot, Sasitla, Ieeksun, Puntledge, Cha'chae, and Tat'poos. Following contact with Europeans, northern groups started a southerly move into K'ómoks territory. A period of conflict displaced the K'ómoks southward to their relatives the Puntledge. Followed by a period of colonial policy and practices, the K'ómoks families have endured hardship and loss of land, resources and cultural connection. Modern leaders are striving to reclaim cultural expression and relationship the "the land of plenty". 



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