About Our World

Since 2006, Our World has visited remote First Nation communities in BC and Yukon conducting filmmaking workshops with the people who live there. It is a project that brings together youth and elders to include First Language translation, speaking and cultural sharing. Our World involves professional filmmakers with diverse backgrounds who are interested in contributing to Reconciliation in an artful way. First Nations Language usage has diminished in many Indigenous communities due to the Residential School System and a legacy of cultural and spiritual oppression by the enforcement of colonialism. In many communities there are often only a few elders who continue to speak fluently.

Since 2013 Reel to Real Celebration of Moving Images for Youth Society has joined forced with Our World. This has enhanced our ability to combine resources and reach more communities. Our World now offers workshops to students in both elementary and secondary schools in each community. This partnership allows for a continuum of filmmaking instruction to take place.

The mandate of Our World is to partner with First Nations communities to provide access to media arts training as a means of empowerment through artistic & cultural expression, and to integrate First Nations language and culture into films as a way to heal the past, claim the present and  move forward into the future with pride of identity. While the focus is on sparking interest in filmmaking with youth, Our World also encourages adults and elders to participate.

Our World encourages individuals to make their own unique films in an intimate and unintimidating setting. The Our World commitment is to return multiple times to the same communities, building on skills, encouraging the continuation of media making and storytelling, and inspiring a new generation of artists. Our World films are submitted to Canadian and international film festivals to ensure the widest possible presentation of these unique works. 

In 2018 Our World expanded filmmaking workshops all across Canada! 


"Supernatural Tornado" is an animation created by Perry Erickson at Our World's first workshop in Bella Coola in 2006. 

In 2008, The NFB paid to use Perry's great design as the The Our World logo!

Kristy and Ts'inni Stephen working together closely to translate  her personal story  into the Haida language.

Kristy and Ts'inni Stephen working together closely to translate her personal story into the Haida language.