Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay - workshop day 4

A production day that went by in the blink of an eye!

Patrick taught valuable camera (aperture, settings, framing) , three point lighting and sound (shotgun and lavalier) techniques. Folks got hands on with the boom pole and tried their hand at lighting, tripods and camera angles.

Team VLOGGER, both Gavin and Maggie (Camellia was away today) edited their Friday footage into a rough assembly, learning basic editing in final cut X. Gavin critiqued his camera angles and brought many ‘special effect’ vlogger ideas of text and sound additions. Maggie learned sound sync and ways to remove jump cut awkwardness. The next days shoot with Erica was planned.

In Team #HORRO, Taang Guunaay has joined the group today, welcome! They all rehearsed their script and made final changes. They also made costume and prop plans and scouted their location. They are ready for their full shoot day tomorrow!

AWESOME DAY! Thanks SO much for being so into the process and working so hard.