Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay - workshop day 6

Wednesday. YUP. Another busy day.

Team #HORRO met up and scheduled their day around Gavin’s availability to be a corpse and trying to leave the bloody scenes for the end fo the day…and then…they were OFF! The weather held and they only had to spend 10 minutes hiding in the tent for rain….and even then - they used the time wisely and had a picnic! Filmmakers NEED to eat! They managed to capture another 4 scenes leaving just 3 for the morning tomorrow! Patrick promised to sync their sound tonight so they can get straight to editing once they finish filmming their scenes.

Team VLOGGER edited their 17 minute film down by 7 minutes first thing in the morning. Camellia is a ruthless editor! Great work. This really made the story snappy and more funny. Then they filmed their Queen B scene all before lunch. After lunch it was onto the green screen and then recording the intro and outro voice over by Turquoise (Camellia). Tracy found some great travel imagery and by the end of the day Maggie and Camellia got to see the green screen magic…suddenly Turquoise was in Egypt!

Again, a super fun day with HARD WORKING and talented filmmakers!