Kahnawake - Day 7

Back at Dawson today!

Brooke brought beading supplies with the idea to capture time-lapse of the process. Glenn and Brooke set up the station and she beaded a cuff! Beautiful. Brooke also captured a scene to represent the challenges of book learning to juxtapose with her ‘hands on’ imagery of beading. Brooke also transferred some scenes she filmed and edited them onto her timeline AND recorded audio - both song and words. Brooke has a solid plan and will capture a few more scenes tomorrow!

Jackson decided that he has all the media to complete his film, so he did some slight re-jigging of concept. Sometimes when making a film, changes to the plan and story evolve, there is always a need to keep your eye on the deadline and understand that you can’t always fit in every interview and film shoot. Jackson worked with Jesse (who had ‘fresh eyes’ to view the material) and did some serious editing magic!

These films are really coming together.

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful creative evening!