Kahnawake - Day 6

Today was our day to work at Dawson College and right around the corner is a new mural of Alanis Obomsawin made by Meky Ottawa. Alanis is an award winning Abenaki filmmaker of over 50 films! An inspiration!

Jesse, another friend and mentor from the last workshop joined us to share his editing know-how! Vicky , Our World alumni filmmaker, also popped by to say hello.

Marlene came all equipped with chili (Delicious! Thanks for sharing), photos and enthusiasm! She got right down to work, adding her new imagery, finessing edits and sound…and the finicky job of CREDITS. Dedicated to her mother and grandmother, it is a sweet homage, a family story of how the love of cooking, culture and community gets passed down and shared!

Thank you so much Marlene, for sharing your story and your precious time to make the film!