Kahnawake - Day 8 & Screening

Today at 9:30am the mentors (Courtney, Jess and Lisa) picked up Brooke and Jackson (who were already at Dawson for a class and an appointment) and then headed to Kahnawake Library!

A TON of work was done by Brooke and Jackson today! They worked non-stop from 10:30-6:30, in order to be able to share their films at the 7pm screening!

Jackson continued working on finessing his edits and sound and making credits. Jackson’s piece about finding medicine in arts and culture is poetic and beautiful. A really polished piece!

Brooke added her new footage to her timeline. Brooke filmed herself in the library and we all joked that she needed cinematography, lighting, costume and set deck credits - she did it all, PLUS the acting! Brooke then played with layering of sound and imagery, creating a really special experimental film. A stunning and ultimately calming film.

Congrats on making the finish line! You both worked so hard!

We held an intimate screening in the library for folks involved in the project and friends and family. It was incredible to see the 4 films play together. What an complimentary collection of stories.

ó:nen í:ke’s Created by Brooke Rice - ó:nen í:ke’s means Now I am here in Kanienʼkéha. Brooke’s film is an experimental rumination about breaking free from colonialist institutional learning and embracing cultural ways of knowing.

MASKIHKIY Created by Jackson Coyes - A first project of Jackson, a Metis filmmaker from Alberta, where he explores the way some friends in the community of Tio’tia:ke (Montréal) tell their stories through movement, art, and food.

Heal & Achieve Created by Joy Katsi'stano:ron Deer - Joy made her film to inspire folks to not give up on themselves or their dreams no matter what kind of challenges they face.

My Life with Bannock Created by 'Chef Maluh' Marlene Hale - Marlene’s film is about a life filled with community, culture & cooking inspired by her mother and grandmother.

NIA:WEN! Thank you!