Kahnawake - day eleven

Last workshop day! Everyone worked incredibly hard from 11am until 7pm finishing up their films in time for the screening!

Vicky edited her audio of Jesse's voice over AND worked on her visual treatment. Sounds easy? It isn't. It is a lot of deep thinking to edit audio, since this is essentially the story. Vicky had an intuitive knack for it and created a hard hitting yet humorous voice. 

Kanerahtens brought MORE footage and even shot more footage to fill his timeline. He played with timing, speeding up certain scenes and adding background sounds. Kanerahtens even attended classes in between! A really great finished piece that stayed true to his original idea. Amazing.

Brooke brought in new video and photographs. She edited out some scenes and played with timing of the audio as well. She also added in the new video bits and photos. Working right down to the wire, Brooke really was a master editor, cutting quickly and ruthlessly! She added titles and credits as well. PHEW!

Pasha added all of her animated scenes and photos and created a visual edit she felt good about and THEN she cut her audio to fit. Super cool way to work. Pasha worked on Adobe Premiere so she learned yet another program. 

Joy caught a cold so she will finish her film with Austin in the future.

CONGRATS TO ALL ON THEIR HEAD DOWN HARD WORK! Each project is unique and tells an important story!