Eenchokay Birchstick School - workshop day 1

Good morning Pikangikum!

Coffee was served at the school bright and early as we set up for the workshop. We presented films and the workshop concept in a grade 8 classroom and then with the art & language students and then suddenly we have a full house of interested students!

Nina worked on her film about bullying and respect and even interviewed the principal, Marvin. They had a 12 minute conversation on film! Nina was so professional. Her film is already in FULL SWING!

Curtis, Hosiah, Cassidy, Jenn & Kavanah are working on a script that is one part comedy, one part horror. They even experiment with filming some scenes in the hallways to test script, shots and acting.

Kamden, Delroy and Brentyn are working on a film about a person who gets bullied but then goes Super Saiyan ala Dragon Ball Z. This might be a cross between live action and animation. This team was laughing ALL afternoon with this script writing session. They also learned camera and are ready to film some scenes tomorrow.

Crystal is toying with the idea to make either a personal film or one about the school.

Randy is an artist in his own right already and shared some of his previous works which include singing/songwriting, authour of a book and filmmmaker. He is telling a personal story about his life where he is now.

Today was a busy and very productive day. Thanks everyone for taking a chance on the film workshop!

Also the staff at the school have been very welcoming: Kenny (Gym Teacher) has helped us with sound, storage, yoga mats and sleeping mats! Morris (Music Teacher) Introduced himself in case any of the film projects need music. And Marvin (Principal) was very receptive to doing an interview!

Also big thanks to Assessment Teacher Daniella for loaning us head lamps to walk Nina home!