Arrival to Pikangikum

A busy travel day started by arriving at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport….which is the wrong airport for Perimeter Airline….so a quick cab ride lugging 4 suitcases full of gear, one plastic tub of food and winter jackets to Perimeter Aviation on Ferry Road! Thankful we make it!

It is a beautiful clear day so the flight is incredible. We stop in Sandy Lake, the home of filmmakers who created films in Wapekeka (Untitled & Finding Your Way). And then on to Pikangikum.

Megan (an assessment teacher visiting from Toronto) picks us up and we head to Eenchokay Birchstick School which will be our home base. The school is ultra modern, opened in 2016 and has 1000 kids! Nadine is already there so we finally get to meet in person! Vanessa, the art teacher & our contact for this workshop, takes us on a tour of Pik. We see where the Northern Store is - Pikangikum Everyday Store - some incredible fall views by the Pikangikum Lake and head back to the school to eat chili and have an informal screening and Our World intro.

We share some Our World films and have a wonderful meal. The chilli (both vegetarian & meat) and cookies (jam & caramel) were delicious - THANKS PETRA (school foods teacher)! We meet the Principal Marvin and potential filmmakers Nina (who is considering a film about respect) and Peter (who is considering a thriller type film about Wiindigoo psychosis - a fear you may get from being to long alone in the bush).

The mentors, Nadine, Cheryl and Lisa walk Nina home along the boardwalk. One street light lit our way with our cel phones helping us the rest of the way. ;)

A nice welcome!