Eke Me-Xi - workshop day five

After all the sun, here comes the rain and the air smells amazing.

Today at the workshop it was a VERY productive day!!

Sue-Ann edited her grandma’s stories into a really nice 4 minute recollection of Grandma Meddy’s childhood. Then Sue-Ann animated ALL DAY! (She was joined by her cousin Mariah, who jumped right in and helped in the project - thanks Mariah!)

Kelly A made some key story changes and then started to add some incredible footage…for instance an orca breaking the surface of the water and blowing air from her blowhole! It was recorded on a trip Kelly made with her Grandpa to Smith Inlet! Perfect for this story.

Talon filmed more B-roll at the carving shed and added it to his film, he finished his credits and….. then….FINISHED his FILM!!! A-MAZE-ING! A really beautiful film not only about the skills and journey of two carvers but capturing an important time in his community when they were building their own Big House!

Kristine did a ton of work with transitions and music and titles and imagery! She is grade 8 going on full time editor of a big studio! She has a real ear for music. This film is ALMOST there. GREAT work.

Shekinah worked on her B-roll, filming scenes and adding it to her timeline. This piece evolves every day and is such poetry in action. She took a camera home to capture more footage tonight.

Shandi added her Big House footage! Gorgeous! Then she filled her whole timeline with footage. She added some titles and is ready with a plan to complete the film tomorrow. This film really took shape today, so exciting!

Casie & William were re-joined by Rhianne and Caitlyn and they showed their edit. Then, as a team, they worked on gathering more B-roll, adding credits and considering archival footage. This film is also just on the edge of completion!

Kelly G put in her dance footage. Footage filmed with her mom, and sisters and auntie. Really beautiful footage of them all dancing to the Women’s Song. Tonight she took a camera home, to capture some still imagery, This film is coming along nicely.

Tyler & Tyrone added some B-roll - nice portraiture, carving imagery and video! They added their title and credits and YES, they also FINISHED their film! Congrats on all the hard work. A super cool film celebrating artist/brother Stephen George’s journey to carving as well as a traditional story abut the Great Flood! BRAVO!

Thanks everyone, it continues to be a dream to work with such a talented and driven group of young filmmakers. Gilakas’la!