Eke Me-Xi - workshop day four

Another busy day in film land….

Kelly A edited her piece down to 5 minutes. This means reordering her story and creating an end for the film….something the filmmaker wants to leave the audience thinking about. Tomorrow Kelly will add visual imagery!

Talon edited his interview of the master carver, Junior, and added B-roll. He also added credits and is considering his ending.

Kristine is in the very last stages of editing! She added her titles and credits and fine tuned her interviews. She will come tomorrow for a look with fresh eyes. An amazing amount of work!

Casie & William continued editing their epic tale of Quatsino history. They too are almost done with fine tuning of audio, text, and interviews. They will also come with fresh eyes and then complete their film!

Kelly G fine tuned her audio and recorded some scenes of dancing!

Tyler and Tyrone worked on editing. Tyler also started adding B-roll! This team did ALOT of work!

Sue-Ann edited her story down from 12 minutes to 6 minutes, she also animated 3 scenes for her film! WOW!

Shekinah’s alarm didn’t go off! When she arrived she jumped right in and started editing her 2 new interviews and cut it all down to 4 and a bit minutes…she will listen to her audio tonight and consider next steps.

Shandi recorded Nancy for her voice over and edited the audio on her timeline. She also organized her shot list. A group of friends and family met at the Big House in Fort Rupert at 5pm for her directorial debut. Shandi was calm and clear and recorded the scenes she wanted of the Hamatsa (Tyrone) dancing and then learning the proper way from the mentor Hamatsa (Trish). Super fun! It’s hard to have a whole crew of people to direct but Shandi did a great job! Bravo!

Thanks to Richard for a fabulous spaghetti lunch with gluten free option!

Also thanks to Tommy Henderson for dropping by to see if Shekinah needed another interview. It is always nice to see you!