Eke Me-Xi - workshop day six

The last day of the workshop is always the busiest day.

Everyone madly edited and made final changes and additions….running towards the finish line !!

Kristine added two versions for her music, one for the community screening and one for the festival submissions. (It is important to have permission to use music otherwise festivals can’t play the films). Kristine completed a very stylish documentary about language! Thank you!

Casie, William, Rhianne & Caitlin added their fun credits (with spooky music) and thus also completed their Ode to the people of Quatsino. It is so great to hear about Old and New Quatsino from different perspectives! Awesome!

Kelly G is a definitive filmmaker, she knows what she wants and she makes it happen. She came with all her still imagery and added it to her timeline. She also added powerful text. An incredible film about a family song and dance! Beautiful!

Sue-Ann added her green screen animations (with backgrounds) to her timeline as well as animated her final credits! Plus she added a song for the end credits. BRAVO. An amazing animated homage to her Granny!

Kelly Anderson added her final images and video and decided on the title. The title can be such a hard thing to decide, and so a group brainstorm ensued and the director made the final decision. Kelly had to go help her grandpa, so thanks to Lisa Walker for finishing the end credits! This is a wonderful film about Kelly’s Grandpa Willie and his heartfelt connection to his life as a fisherman.

Shekinah ended up (almost literally) burning the midnight oil! Hats off to her dedication to her film! Sebnem stayed late (10pm!) to assist in the completion. Shekinah’s artistic process is such a thoughtful journey. She filmed new scenes right up to 9:30pm! This film is a poetic rumination about oral tradition!

BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE! To make a film is a long and challenging process! Gilakas’la!!

We can’t wait to share these films with the community!

See you at 6pm (doors) 6:30 screening on Friday (Oct 4th) at Port Hardy Secondary! A FREE shuttle bus leaves from the Band Office in Tsulquate at 6pm and will drive you back after the screening!