Eke Me-Xi - workshop day three

Hello Monday! Everyone jumped right into filmmaking…

Kelly A was first to arrive and continued to edit down her 24 minute interview. This is a hard job. To cut down grandpa’s stories is a challenge since of course there are so many gems. A few bits of gold always end up on the cutting room floor.

Lily also arrived early and got to work. She rerecorded her voice over, she created the rest of her time-lapse drawings and added title and credits….wait for it…LILY COMPLETED HER FILM! Amazing work! A gorgeous, bold and personal account of living an OUT and PROUD gay life! BRAVO!

Casie arrived with new interview footage and imported it all into their project. William and Casie continued editing their interviews, adding titles and working on story. They also found a song to use. Casie took the camera and audio recorder again to capture more interviews. Go Girl!

Kristine added more interviews from her weekend and edited her documentary which has developed to be about language! She also started to add B-roll. This film is really coming together.

Kelly G fine tuned her audio edit and massaged her music and added titles and credits. She also planned to film her dance sequences tomorrow with friends and family at a top secret location…..

Tyler paired up with Tyrone and interviewed brother Stephen George (Stephen has made 2 films with Our World) about his connection to culture. Tyler also imported the footage and started editing the interview. He is a FAST learner!

Sue-Ann worked on her grandmother paper puppet. Her attention to detail is phenomenal! She also interviewed her Grandmother Meredith and heard some wonderful stories of her childhood!

Talon is a natural editor and continued to work on his edit, fine tuning the interview with the patience of a pro. He also added titles and credits. Then, he recorded another interview with the master carver and captured more B-roll.

Shekinah learned more editing techniques for her voice over. She also conducted 2 interviews, one with an elder (Thanks Linda Henderson!) and one with a youth. These interviews helped her have a breakthrough about her story. It is super cool when you learn something that you didn’t expect while making a film. Her concept of oral traditions and its impact on present day is coming together.

Today was SO fun! Super productive with still some time for laughter.

PS Lunch was amazing too! Salmon and rice with Salad. YUM!

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