Bella Bella - Day 11 - Workshop and Dinner

Today there was a lot of work to do. 5 people are leaving tomorrow for the basketball tournament in Kitimat (GO BLUE!) as well as classes and food prep and delivery for an AGM at the hall so it was busy! In trying to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule here is the filmmaking run down:

Hailey’s film was completed yesterday so she learned how to output her film to make a stand alone movie file. She also filled out all her filmmaker paper work (festival checklist, bio, permissions and evaluation). Hailey will head to Kitimat for basketball.

Elle’s film got completed today! Wow-way to hustle! She fine tuned her edits and spent a fair bit of time on sound and titling. A great short film that has potential to help someone struggling with depression. Since Elle is not heading to the basketball tournament she can help others finish their films. Fantastic.

Latoya competed her film too! She made tiny little changes making a big difference for her finished piece. She added her credits and filled out her film paperwork! Latoya created an important film from her own point of view that talks about the unfair treatment that indigenous women receive when they become missing or murdered. This film could change policy. Bravo.

Elyssa was busy in school and Kitimat trip prep so she popped in briefly to edit her sound, add titles and add as much b-roll that she had plus taking the camera out to capture video and photos. Elyssa heads to Kitimat tomorrow so, Elle has agreed to help do final edits and credits.

Nadia had her head down editing ALL DAY. She filmmed some scenes last night for homework and captured a bit imagery first thing in the morning. Nadia also had to prepare for the basketball trip and volunteer for the food delivery and cleanup at the hall so she just needs help on her credits, Elle has agreed to help Nadia with this. ;)

Ange made a few final tweaks on her film and then learned to output her film! She also completed her film paperwork! Ange has a strong film about Heiltsuk Culture. She tackles the residual effects of residential schools (drug abuse) yet also leaves the viewer understanding that young people today are embracing culture rather than drugs.

Astrid and Bella are an incredible team that organized their time capturing what is needed (recording the song) to allow for Astrid to attend the basketball tournament and planning for the final edits tomorrow when Bella finishes the film. (They also volunteered for the hall dinner meeting!) So exciting to see it all come together!

Normally there is a celebration screening but since so many filmmakers are out of town it was decided to have the screening when more filmmakers are in Bella Bella. A tentative date of Dec 13th has been set.

That said, Cindy and Lori organized to have a SEAFOOD FEAST tonight in order to have a moment to express thank yous and celebrate hard work done by the filmmakers.

What a nice night.

crab, clam pancakes, deep friend eulachons, shrimp (boiled and battered and fried), clams, onion rings, orzo salad, sushi, potatoes, salmon (with bacon and smoked) and rice! And lets not forget Loretta cupcakes, chocolate marshmallows and jello!!!

We hope the Bella Bella Basketball kicks butt !! Safe travels on the 6 hour boat trip tomorrow. And we’ll see Bella and Elle tomorrow for final wrap up!!