Bella Bella - Day 12 - Film Workshop - final day !

Today we start slightly later at 10am... so a bright beautiful blue sky brightens the morning walk to the Youth Centre!

Bella hunkers down and creates a powerful audio edit from the recordings Astrid and her recorded yesterday! It is an important conversation about how they feel about colonialization and stereotypes and how to move forward more positively. She even re-records her voice, adds more imagery and creates her final credits. This is a film that combines beauty, truth and solutions for ways to move forward in a positive way! Awesome work!

Elle works super hard on Elyssa’s film as editor. She not only follows Elyssa’s notes for titling and some b-roll ideas, but also takes a few more photos around the community and at the Bella Bella Community School Cultural Centre to help forward the story. She works on sound edits too. Thanks so much for spending your time, Elle, to help out! Elyssa’s film talks about how cultural learning has changed over the years and celebrates how her community is dedicated to continue Heiltsuk traditions. A text from Elyssa says “Thank you guys so much!”

Nadia’s film only needed to add her hand written credits and lengthen about 6 or so still images and her film was complete!! It is an experimental film with a poem as the narrative centre exploring past and present and embracing both ‘sides’ (modern and traditional) of a young Heiltsuk girl as she grows up. Nadia also sent a text from Kitimat “Thanksss!”

This was a super busy day for Bella and Elle and they stayed late in order to complete these films. Thank you both so much for hanging out. It was a really fun day!

These completed films have been left with Cindy so you can pick them up upon your return from Kitimat - Elyssa and Astrid!

Also, all the films will be given to Cindy and Lori for the screening on Dec 13th. The mentors wish they could be there!

Once again BIG CONGRATS for all the hard work by the filmmakers. It was SO amazing to get to hang out and create art and catch up with all of you!