Bella Bella - Day 10 - Film Workshop

Wednesday was a flurry of all sorts of exciting activities.

Students still had to attend classes and keep up on homework but we all still managed to forge ahead and make some beautiful headway on the films! (And find time for a quick haircut here and there and a few job applications!!)

Ange continued to fine tune her edit, add more imagery, cool transitions AND animate her end credits. Classy, very classy.

Latoya gathered more photographic imagery: of herself in regalia and of strong Heiltsuk women (and one man) in her community as well as continue to fine tune her edit and add transitions!

Bella and Astrid recorded more voice over, tweaked their edit, got permission for their song, captured more imagery and continued to plan for their big finish video end.

Elle filmed her ‘friend’ scenes and added them to her film, added more informative text and recorded her drumming.

Elyssa recorded her intro, reordered her story and found more b-roll imagery!

Nadia edited her 3 songs together on her timeline, added more b-roll imagery and planned for her final shoot in the morning.

AND (trumpets blare) Hailey and Aaliya’s film was the first film completed!! An incredible film about bullying: how it affects people who are bullied, possible reasons of why people bully and possible suggestions of how to deal with bullying. Very powerful.

We have one more day with the folks who head to Kitimat Friday morning for basketball tournament….and it looks like we are in good shape to finish more films…see you tomorrow!