Bella Bella - Day 9 - Film Workshop

Another productive day for filmmakers at the Youth Centre!

Everyone continued to move their projects forward, of course, but, what was really cool, is everyone is also so keen to help each other out. So lots of cross over in the projects with folks stepping in to help with camera and sound and editing and acting and singing and of course, moral support! All key to completing a film! BRAVO!

It also needs to be said that all these students are also keeping up their school work, so sometimes popping into school for a class and doing all their homework - they continue to be dedicated to their art and school work. Can we hear another BRAVO?!!

Here is a quick run down of the nuts and bolts today:

Ange got down to some serious editing and continued to venture out to capture more imagery when needed for more b-roll in her story.

Nadia also captured more b-roll and added this to her timeline as well and fine tuning her audio edit. She also captured 3 songs and has agreed to act in Elle’s film.

Elle continued script writing but also captured the first scene of her film with Nadia as the star. As well she created her text scene by using the phone app ‘Screen Recording’ and created some titling.

Elyssa edited her voice over, animated her scenes and fine tuned her interviews (and made wicked flakey cheese biscuits!)

Latoya continued editing, fine tuning her audio and also adding strategic b-roll.

Hailey and Aaliyah recorded end credits (which Hailey wrote the night before), captured more b-roll, fine tuned edits and recorded Hailey’s brother (Dayton) singing and drumming.

Bella and Astrid wrote and recorded their voice over and edited it and added it to their timeline. They also finessed their video edits and reached out to potential ‘actors’ for their final scene.

Art making is fueled by good food and today it was DELISH: hash-browns, bacon, yogurt and raspberries this morning! AND chili, nachos and cheese biscuits for lunch!! Thank you Brianna and Lori and Elyssa!

Today was also a special day since it was someone’s birthday - we don’t want to make a fuss since the birthday person isn’t necessarily into that but we couldn’t leave the day unnoticed. We are all happy Astrid was born!!

Thank you Cindy for organizing the most amazing CAKE! Holey Moley was it good!

And thanks everyone for another great day!


Lisa Nielsen