Bella Bella - Day 8 - Film Workshop

Today was such a great day.

First off, even though it was a holiday (Remembrance Day…remember?), folks came in to work on their films. Second, we had CRAB for lunch. (THANKS Howie!) Third, there was an impromtu drumming and singing session after lunch that was SO beautiful to hear, so many songs, so many incredible voices, so much laughter! Fourth, some of the filmmakers took home some FREE winter items and last but not least, Fifth: the films really started to come together!!

Astrid and Bella continued to animate and also added their other imagery and video to their timeline, no spoilers here but it is shaping up to be a powerful film! Tomorrow it will be time to add their own voices to the piece.

Ange animated her opening title sequence, so beautiful!! AND filmed more AND edited more! Ange is a decisive editor and learned the Final Cut editing program incredibly fast! Her piece is destined to truly celebrate The Heiltsuk Nation!!

Nadia ventured out into the community to capture some b-roll for her spoken poem - both video and still imagery. She also created some stunning and creative portraiture of herself and added it to her timeline. This is becoming a artful video!

Elyssa worked on her edit and prepared her script for recording herself tomorrow. She found some imagery from the summer Koeye Camp and also lined up her final interview! This is an inspiring piece about education around culture for Heiltsuk people as well as other Nations.

Elle, honed her script and story, conducting more research on suicide and depression and its connection to social media. Her idea started to shift as her research progressed. She has decided to film a fictionalized interaction among friends and the struggles with depression. She also cast the 2 main characters!

Hailey recorded herself singing twice to make sure she sounded her best as well as sang for as long as she needed for her video. Once she laid the track down under her interviews about bullying the production values shot through the roof! She also recorded her own voice to bolster the story. Hailey came early and stayed late and is an offical pro with the editing program!

Latoya, the first to arrive, jumped right into editing! She streamlined her spoken word as well as recorded herself singing. The piece is very powerful, with such dynamic and opinionated moments that make you understand the injustice of the missing and murdered women cases.