Bear Island - workshop day 6

Another busy day, where there was barely time to take snapshots of the workshop in progress...

Alysha arrived first thing and dove into her NEXT animation…A ROLLERCOASTER! She was drawing the giant track until lunch and then she animated the whole ride AND added sound effects: screaming and actual roller coaster sounds!  Alysha has a real knack for timing and  animating weight.    A. MAZE. ING.

Huxley arrived with his mom Casey and he jumped right into editing and titling his animations while his mom started editing!

When Denton, Mazzy and Zachary arrived, Huxley joined them to make their wrestling characters for their animated wrestling match….introducing: Old Man Jenkins, Muscle Mazzy, Sumo Zach and DJ Denton! A angry referee was also made…and then the match began! Denton also created some music for when DJ Denton lays downs some beats in the film and Huxley stayed late and added Denton's music and sound SFX...this is one hilarious film!

Zach also animated a squid scene and Denton helped there too.

Two new friends joined us: Maxie and Selene…they are visiting from Quebec and they both  made some Dinosaurs have animated adventures. Maxie stayed on and finished the animation and THEN added credits and titles!! 

We have a fews bits to complete tomorrow but alI in all - an incredibly FUN day. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

At 2’oclock today Maxie the Magician did some card tricks for us and it was quite a bedazzling show! He is, indeed, truly magic!