Bear Island - workshop day 7

The final workshop wrap up day!

First things first: the final films were completed. BRAVO!!!

And then we took artist bio pictures and wrote artist bios and filled out anonymous feedback. Then we watched all the films - 9 films in total - and figured out the order for the screening.

Then it was time to learn about how to act during a Q&A during a festival screening, so each team took turns as Terril was the MC. Everyone did a pretty darn good job of fielding questions from the audience! Then Darlene had information to share for new filmmakers: Funding and Festivals! How to submit to festivals and how to apply for money to make more films!

A nice day to hang out and tie up loose ends! This is an amazing group of creative and talented people! Thanks again for all your hard work!

We are all ready for tomorrow's screening and can't wait to share with the community!!

We also met Ray who will be taking this lucky group on a canoe trip to Smooth Water Lake after the film workshop! Smooth Water Lake is the place of the Anishinaabe Creation Story!