Bear Island - workshop day 5

Today was HILARIOUS! 


Saturday and Sunday is all about slightly younger kids (and others who only have time on the weekend) to express themselves through animation and filmmaking!

And today was a super fun group!!

Alysha came first and immediately got into animation. Experimentation with a fish moved into a gymnastic animation and then into an EPIC Jurassic scenario that went full on into MAYHEM and CHAOS! Sounds Effects were added to GREAT effect! BRAVO!

Casey and Huxley came next and Huxley made not one but THREE clever animations. One has voice over, one has music that his mom (Casey) made specific for the piece and one that is a totally fun abstraction!

After lunch brought Huxley’s friends: Zachary, Denton and Mazzy! With Casey’s help they created a mostly live action film about Time Travel AND Wrestling!!! There were some award winning acting and script writing on the fly. Tomorrow they will create their wrestling match animation sequence.

Denton LOVED the filming so he had additional fun experimenting with the camera and tripod and creating in-camera edited pieces! Zachary also experimented with animation and Mazzy made some MAD artwork/character drawings!

A fun day like this one goes by in an eye blink!

Also of note, an incredible birch bark canoe was launched today from the Canoe House - as part of the Roots and Wings summer program - and it is GORGEOUS. Created from 4 pieces of birch bark and hand sewn together making sure to poke the holes first with an awl to allow the holes to close up around the birch bark ‘threads’ and then patched with tree resin, ash and bear grease. One side of both the front  and back part of the canoe has to have enough birch bark to fold over the end to ensure if there is some give it won't make a gap - you don't want into leak...;)

It is really beautiful!