Bear Island - workshop day 4

The official last day of the Roots and Wings Older Youth Film Workshop...

This group continues to amaze the mentors with their drive and work ethic! A flurry of activity today to get the films into shape for the group critique at 3pm.

Emily, Alexa and Spencer go out to film their final scene and then come back for editing!

Casey continues in her drawing, but also composes a song! She continues to pull out talents to augment her film!

Kaiya and Angel continue to edit with Angel recording drum sound for not only their project but also for Dorian, Cyrus and Gabe.

Dorian, Cyrus and Gabe drum for Kaiya and Angel as well as continue adding video effects, sounds and music!

Everyone learns the fine tuning of sound and gets feedback for visitors and peers and mentors.

We take a break at 2pm so we can watch the dance presentation in the gym - part of the Roots and Wings program with Christine, and it was fantastic! Traditional Dance mixed with Contemporary dance styles mixed with improvisational styles. Magic! The audience was smiling and cheering and clapping! Mariah - one of the actors in Kaiya and Angel's film - danced! 

Then at 3pm we screened all the films as they were at that moment and it was great to see it on a bigger screen with bigger speakers and get to hear the room of responses! Some great compliments and feedback was shared...ultimately the teams are the directors of their own pieces so only have to take advice that they feel matches their visions! 

Angel and Kaiya stay late to completely finish their film. Congrats to that!! A great team that had their vision from the start and made it happen!

Casey also stayed late to animate and compose her storyboards for the end of her piece, and will come in on Saturday and Sunday as well.

Gabe plans to come in and finish credits on Saturday. And Emily and Spencer plan to come in and do the same!

Great day.