Bear Island - workshop day 3

Today everyone was ON FIRE! 

Cylus, Dorian and Gabe shot a new ending scene AND a new Intro scene. Casey has a cameo as the Kookum (Gradma) in their fillm! Brad and Terril gave the film a watch with 'fresh eyes' and has some input about sound. Gabe really took to the sound editing, adding ambient sound and SFX and music. This is a legit suspenseful film. Almost there!

Angel and Kaiya continued on their animating journey and even moved into sound recording: both drumming and voices! Then they edited up a storm - even staying late to add credits...they are so close to finishing! 

Alexa, Emily and Spencer shot more scenes, both is the woods and the vlogging intros. They also edited most of the day adding spooky music and have started on designing their credits.

Casey worked on her background artwork, which is so detailed and beautiful. Then she went back to animation...animating colour AND movement! She is really playing with and understanding the subtleties of animation, like weight, when the bird carries the fish...very cool.

The day went SO fast since everyone worked hard. These are long days to be SO focused: 9-4:30!! Pat everyone on the back for their dedication!