Bear Island - workshop day 2

After a beautiful 7 minute walking commute to the school, we got into the swing of things immediately at 9am sharp. As everyone filed in they all got down to work:

Cylus, Dorian and Gabe imported yesterday's  footage into the editing program (Final Cut X) and reviewed it. They learned how to put clips on the timeline and edit parts out they didn't want. They then reshot scenes and then continued to film new scenes! They then edited together almost the entire movie start to finish - It is coming together as a legitimate thriller! Casey contacted a local story teller, Terry, to drop by and talk to this team about local scary stories and legends. They will use this info to inform their intro scene. Tomorrow they need to shoot the first scene and the last scene, and further fine tune their film! 

Angel and Kaiya were a whirlwind team. In the morning they filmed a whole 'party' sequence. Then, after lunch, Kaiya finished her animation characters AND animated an entire hoop dancing sequence. Simultaneously as that was happening, Angel did THREE shoots with three different people hoop dancing on the field! Mariah, Lisa and Kaiya act as the same character at various stages in her life. It was a HOT day so hats off to all that hard work! Angel and Kaiya went home with a camera and tripod to film some more at 7pm tonight. Good Luck! Tomorrow is more animating and then editing it all together!

Emily and Spencer went to North Bay today so Alexa worked on her own….but last night they all filmed multiple scenes in the woods! So Alexa had A LOT of material to work with. Alexa reviewed all the footage and made notes. Then she created a rough edit for their ‘youtube’ sequence and also started on their ‘camping vlog' sequence! It was ALOT of material to go through! The footage is beautiful! Alexa also took the camera and tripod home in the hopes to film more with Spencer and Emily tonight! That way they have more material to work with first thing! 

Casey worked on her animation like a pro today. She created many of her characters in a multiple of sizes as well as started to animate her background! She introduced her characters as well into this opening sequence! Casey even brought her background home to draw some more! Tomorrow she will move forward in her animation adventure!

Good work EVERYONE!