Bear Island - workshop day 1

After an eventful night of thunder and lightening storms…we awoke to an incredibly productive day. SO much happened today! We settled into The Laura McKenzie Learning Centre bright and early  and set up the room for 10am!

Then an amazing group of folks interested in filmmaking showed up! First things first: introductions and getting to know each other and then a little of sharing of work. Brad showed two films he made, one about heartbreak and the other about struggles of students. Then Terril shared a b/w paper cut out student work plus one of her multi-layered stop motion animations about residential school called SNIP ! Darlene shared a 16mm film she made called The Post that had Ojibway language.

Fully inspired, this group took off! AND even before lunch everyone was madly teaming up and brainstorming, planning and writing their films!

Phew. We all took a nice 1 hour break, and then everyone came back and jumped right back in…

Angel and Kaiya are working together on a piece about a girl who remembers a time when she went down a ‘partying’ path and forgot her love of hoop dancing.

Emily and Alexa and Spencer are working on a suspenseful piece about a Youtube vlogging team and their sadness and hope for redemption around the loss of a friend. 

Cylas, Gabe and Dorian are working on a Blair Witch inspired horror that centres around an abandoned school and a ouija board. Watch OUT!

Casey is creating a lyrical animation about friendship.

Everyone worked on storyboards, shot lists, scripts and tested animation…some even filmed some scenes! One team even took a camera home for homework! A fantastic day!

Big Thanks to Deva for picking us up this morning, providing art supplies and extension cords as well as healthy snacks at afternoon break!!

Also hello to Christine Friday who is running the Roots and Wings program and popped by to see us. Christine is also a filmmaker and will join us for the 2 last days of the workshop!

By the way the weather continued to be super exciting: overcast and then raining and then pouring and then finally the sun came out! And then more sunshine with rain and then sun!!