Bear Island - travel day

It was long day of travel to Bear Island with all kinds of weather with cabs and cars, planes and boats!! Lisa g flew from hot Vancouver to arrive in hot Toronto where Terril joined the flight to rainy Sudbury. Darlene drove from her community, Atikameksheng, and we all meet at a box store to buy groceries. We need to bring all our food with us! Then a drive along highway 17 towards North Bay and then and sharp left along 575 then another left to 64 heading north to eventually hit highway 11 which took us to all the way northward to the Temagami Access road. A bumpy ride brought us to the Mine Landing - once we found our way from Manitou Landing ;), where we unload our PILE of gear and park the cars. Dan so kindly brought a boat and took us across Temagami Lake, which is GORGEOUS! We are back in solid sunshine and summer! Dan mentioned his daughter Kaiya will attend film workshop... she already makes youtube videos! Sweeeeet!

We are welcomed on Bear Island by Bradley and Deva! HELLO ! Deva is one of our youth worker organizers and Brad is studying film at North Island College, he is moving into his 3rd year and will help mentor during the film workshop! Deva drives the mentors stay at Linda’s Wigwam which is right on the bay with a beautiful view. Linda drops by to welcome us, she says "So glad you are here!" Brad shares some of his incredible short films and the mentors plan for the next day.

SO looking forward to meeting the first group of participants! We will hold the workshops at the school! Starting at 10am! See you soon!