Tsulquate - day 4

Boats, Big House... Editing and Animating!

It started off as a beautiful day! Good Morning!!

The boat trip to the homelands is TODAY. Lunches are packed and off to the boat they go: Shiela (principal), Peter (linguist), Ross (First Nations support worker), Thomas (student), David (drone expert), Roberta, Sonja TK (Elder) and mentor Sebnem.

Roberta will gather footage at Ba'as (Blunden Harbour) for both her film and Kelly's. She will interview Elder TK right on the beach there! She will find out what it was like to live there and compare with present day.

Sonja also will also gather imagery to juxtapose with her beautiful imagery of present day rez life. 

Haley and Kayle soldify their traditonal origin story working with Leah (it is a very long and detailed story so this is a fairly difficult task, they decide to focus on the first part of the story...). They then create a Hamatsa character (cannibal man) with Tracy and animate it. The Hamatsa emerges from the mouth of a large head! 

Jade weaves her Uncle David's interview into her video and starts adding b-roll (secondary video), this piece is REALLY coming together!

Darian completes a test animated orca scene and then creates his colourful artwork for the real scene! The Elder interview with Henry Seaweed is located (thanks to Daisy, Erin and Dusty) and a script is created. Darian will record his voice in English to edit into Henry's voice speaking Kwak'wala! Very Cool.

Kelly organized filming at the Big House, so after she edits for an hour on her audio she heads to Fort Rupert to light the fire and help Emma (culture teacher). After the elementary school kids rehearse their Play Potlatch: Kelly Ann, Kelly Anne and Laura perform the Ladies Dance twice before the camera! Stunning! Kelly Ann, also grabs some Big House footage for Haley and Kayle's traditional story! Kelly returns to Tsulquate to continue to reorder and edit her audio...almost ready for b-roll!

When the boat trip attendees return to workshop, we find out they had an incredible journey! A jumping orca AND a humpback whale. Incredible. The sun was out and Roberta and Sonja collected ALOT of imagery. Roberta learned a lot from TK in her interview with him! The footage is downloaded and backed up and everyone watches a bit of the gorgeous DRONE FOOTAGE! Thanks to David for his expertise! And big thanks to TK for sharing his stories.

A fantastic day!