Tsulquate - day 3

Hello Monday! Today. Was. Busy.

Jade jumped right in to edit her own interview...a learning curve of getting to know new editing software and getting used to listening to your own voice! Jade is a quick learner for sure - she whittled her edit down to 2 golden minutes!!

Kelly also jumped right in and recorded her voice over AND edited it and reordered it. Kelly is an old pro so knows this process...this is her 4th film!! Kelly also has a plan organized to film herself and friends dancing for tomorrow.

Roberta worked on her shot list for the boat trip tomorrow and planned her afternoon shoot, she also recorded her own voice over. Roberta hired Kelly to record sound and they all went up the the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw School and filmed a class of students speaking Kwak'wala.

Darian joined us today and is considering animating a traditional story about the Orca. He watched a couple of films for inspiration and is excited to create!

Kayle decided to focus on the first part of the Kwaquitl origin story and Leah helped with typing it up for Kayle to record the voice over...THEN Kayle started animating a scene with the supernatural creature: the THUNDERBIRD !

Sonja and Gabriel captured some more imagery AND started sorting their media. Sonja will also go on the boat trip tomorrow to capture some homeland imagery! Fun!

Jade headed to Fort Rupert again after lunch, this time to interview her Uncle David and capture some B-roll! David was very generous with his set decking and pearls of wisdom. 

A beautiful day for filmmaking! Thanks again everyone for a fun and productive day!