Tsulquate - day 5


The Practice Potlatch was on at 10am at the Big House is Fort Rupert - which is where Haley went to capture 2 dances with the elementary school kids for their video: The Hamat'sa (cannibal man) and Tuxwid (supernatural healer woman). Kayle stayed behind and worked on another animated scene and recorded the voice over. When Haley came back she captured the Tsulquate River and the Pond on video for backgrounds for the animations. She also used the GOPRO to capture a POV shot of the boy character dunking himself into the pond 4 times AND stayed late to animate 2 scenes!

Sonja and Gabriel reviewed the video and photographs from yesterday's boat trip and worked on their image and video selection.

Peter helped Julie with the adaptation of the Kwakiutl Legend for Haley and Kayle.

Peter also helped to make sure the Nakwaxda'xw origin story interpretation for Darian was correct.

Roberta and Kelly both decided to forgo the trip to the Big House in order to focus on their edit. They both stayed late - until 9:30pm !! and reached their goals: Roberta focused on her story using her interview, TK's interview and the students learning language! Kelly created a fine edit of her audio and started adding b-roll !