Kahnawake - day ten

A VERY busy night in Dawson College!

Vicky and Lawrence arrived first and jumped right into crafting a voice over for her video. Jesse was cast as the voice as they listened to CBC footage from the 1967 about AIM, an adoption initiative for aboriginal children.  Vicky also did some research over the weekend listening to the CBC podcast Missing & Murdered - Finding Cleo.  A rough script was written and then recorded. Even though this is a very serious story, Vicky is creating a mockumentary style film to point out the ridiculousness of this racist initiative. 

Kanerahtens brought more GOPRO footage for his film! He captured footage leaving his house, riding the bus and metro and arriving at school. He also has more daytime footage and NIGHT footage. He also captured footage on the blowing, snowy, freezing night!  Kanerahtens filled his timeline so he is in great shape with his film. He will bring a few more scenes tomorrow and finish up!

Brooke arrived with a hard drive full of photos! She selected a whole bunch of imagery and started to lay it on her audio edit.  She took a camera home to film some photos of her Tota and at her Tota's house . This piece is totally coming together.

One more day tomorrow - looking forward....