Kahnawake - day nine

One last night in Kahnawake! 

A BUSY night! New mentor Jesse and Lorrie did some incredible editing tonight. Lorrie added all her b-roll AND her credits. AND she completed her film! Big Congrats to Lorrie for creating her rather ambitious film in just 3 days! Director, Camera, Editor and Sound! Lorrie did it ALL!

Kanerahtens also arrived with GOPRO footage from riding his 4-wheeler around town! His story is about his complicated commute to school and he captured some great POV (point of view) video! Kanerahtens also recorded his audio, practically one take - he only had one edit to make. He also used Quicktime to capture the laptop screen using google maps to show his route. Awesome work. He left with his GOPRO attached to his helmet to capture some nighttime driving! Woot Woot!

Brooke also worked on her story. She cut her audio down from 19 minutes to 4 minutes! GREAT work! She also re-orded the story and made plans for visual material. 

We will get to see both Brooke and Kanerahtens tomorrow at Dawson College.

Great work all!

Goodnight Kahnawake Library, we miss you already!