Old Crow - day 11

The last day of the workshop.

Ally, Dredyn and Kayleen have finished their films so they are at school with their teacher Monica. But both Ciara and Dean come early to the John Tizya Centre, and they are keen to finish their films before lunch!

Dean immediately creates his title animation and then moves over to sound effects and music. Kellen and Zoe help him find the perfect version of "In the Pines"

Ciara, creates 4 more scenes and adds her music. She also adds her credits!!

Brandon also arrives to work on his own film, he really understand final cut 7 now and works solidly through the morning and into the afternoon.

Shirley, again, made a delicious lunch - this time egg salad sandwiches and chicken noodle soup! Thank you! Just enough fuel to get us through! ;)

Both films get completed by 1pm! Ciara made her film in 4 days and Dean managed with just 2 days! Incredibly hard work during the crunch time - CONGRATS to you both!

This means we get to head to Chief Zzeh Gittlet School for a screening at 2:30!! (Monica invited us to screen at the school due to the cancellation of Saturdays screening - out of respect for family.)

Monica organized the 4, 5, 6 class to attend as well as POPCORN! Teachers and the Principal came too! ALSO in attendance were Sophie, Candace, Madison and Jocelyn were there to view the films! (They all worked on Sound We See Old Crow in 2014! This film just played in Argentina!)

We thank Monica and the fabulous filmmakers, giving everyone their films and gifts!

The audience LOVES the films, they laugh and are attentive through the whole thing! Thanks again to the students for working SO HARD!

Back at the JTC Brandon finishes his film! He made little changes here and there that really make significant differences to the polish of his film. He adds another credit and finesses his transitions and audio. WELL DONE!

5 films in 7 days. Phew. And one 20 minute film part way through.

An incredible visit to Old Crow. We can't wait to come back!

Mahsi'Choo - Thank you ! We miss you already!