Old Crow - day ten

Today 2 films were completed!!

Dean came early - at 9am - and jumped right into his animation! He completed the second half of his film and will return tomorrow to animate his titles and add sound! GOOD WORK!

Kayleen learned how to key frame images (to make the photos move), amended her credits and added final audio. HER FILM IS COMPLETE! Good work! A real nice personal film about being connected to nature and the relationship to caribou !

Ally & Dredyn added sound effects (SO FUN!), fine tuned their audio, added a song by Dana and finished their credits. DONE! This film, an homage to Old Crow, brought tears to Monica's  and Lisa's eyes!

Ciara created 7 of 12 scenes so far and they look gorgeous! She will come back tomorrow and finish up her scenes and add a song by Dana! Ciara works fast so it will be no problem...you GO GIRL!

Brandon worked after hours and almost completed his film, recording his voice for the opening sequence, creating credits, adding imagery to opening intro and closing credits! A LOT of work. Brandon will come at 4pm to do any final touches. GREAT!

Thanks all, everyone is working so hard and burning the midnight oil. One more workshop day tomorrow!