Old Crow - day nine

Hello Wednesday.

If yesterday was a bit wild. Today was a calm steady river of creation.

Ally and Dredyn edited their entire audio edit AND added all their imagery. The inserted their animations and started on credits. A. MAZE. ING.

Kayleen, added one more paragraph to her story in audio editing and then added imagery. She worked on her credits as well. She also came in after dinner to record her brother JR for her opening credits! BRAVO.

Ciara created 3 animated scenes!! She has also created a  REALLY COOL STYLE of animation using xeroxed backgrounds paired with drawn characters. Dana came in and recorded her audio as well. This one is coming TOGETHER!

(Dana also kindly offered to bring in some original music for people to use in their films if they would like - Thanks Dana!)

Dean finished making his paper puppets AND background and went under camera. He created almost his whole film in ONE DAY! 

Brandon and Mary Jane also moved their films forward adding imagery. Due to the time restrictions and film length, Our World is cooking up ways to return to help Brandon and MJ with these ambitious projects with another visit...stay tuned on that.