Kahnawake - day four

Back at Dawson College! Another evening shift!

Pasha wrote and edited and recorded her story! Amazing! Thanks Glenn and Austin for the story conversations and tech help. Pasha even started learning Adobe Premiere and started editing her audio! Pasha also has plans for animation and will attend tomorrows workshop! On FIRE!

Vicky and Lawrence worked further on Vicky's story. Working title 'Assimilation 1967'. It addresses hard Indigenous adoption history yet infusing humour among the ridiculousness of the colonialist judgements and systems. Vicky has a keen visual style and started learning Final Cut X in order to create the title and 3 minutes of visual sequencing! She also has a solid plan for her ending & made decisions and plans around sound ! When Vicky returns next week she will bring more photos and audio!

A great nights work.