Kahnawake - day three

Today we spent the day back at the Kahnawake Library. Brooke came again and edited her Tota's interview down from 40 minutes to 19 minutes! Bravo! This is hard work. Brooke is a fast learner with the editing program and has so many film ideas...could this be the first of many films for her?? Kanerahtens also came by and worked on his script. He will tell a story about his commute to school which includes a 4 wheeler, a bus and a metro ...all well and good on a nice day but imagine in the rain, the snow and then carrying lacrosse gear! We also worked with Lorrie over the phone helping her organize her story idea which is to interview 2 or 3 basket weavers from different communities. Our productive day ended with a small detour through Kahnawake to take a few snapshots for the blog. Since we didn't want to bug people while they were writing and editing. ;)