Kahnawake - day five

Kahnawake Library! Feels good to be back. Today we get to hang out 11am until 7pm and boy did we get busy!

Lorrie arrived at 11am and got right into learning camera and tripod with Austin for her filming day tomorrow. Then Lorrie worked on storyboard, considering shots and angles for her shoot as well. Then Lorrie conducted 2 phone interviews using audacity and google calling. Then it was all about creating a rough audio edit. Lorrie managed to cut her interviews down from 52 minutes to 22 minutes! The interviews with Carrie and Sheila are incredible. They both talk so passionately about basket weaving....We can't wait to see how the interviews will combine with basket making footage Lorrie will bring in tomorrow!

Pasha also joined us again working on her animation! She brought in tons of props: seal skin, beads, letters, pendants, booties, photos, boxes, paintings & sparkles ! Some real magic was created today!

Katsi'stanoron (Joy) also came by fully equipped for storytelling. She brought poems and songs and photos and cards and memorabilia. She recorded her own voice reading a poem that she wrote and singing a song that her sister wrote. She even started editing her poem. This will be a wonderful personal story about resilience! 

A nice part of the day was when Katsi'stanoron shared a smudge with Lisa and Lorrie. Bringing the positive spirits in and letting negativity go. Thank you!

Also learned - 3 sayings in Kanien'kéh (the Mohawk language):

Niawen - thank you

Ioh - your welcome

Onen - see you later