Kahnawake - day two

Today we worked out of Dawson College and met up with 5 new participants and 1 returning filmmaker. We were also joined by Inuk animator Glenn Gear

Glenn shared an incredible animated collage piece called “Kablunât (Legend of the Origin of the White People) that was so incredible and beautiful - thanks Glenn!

Also thanks to staff at Dawson: Laura, Cheryl and Karen that helped us figure out rooms and projectors and internet !

We all  looked at more films talking about style and content. Vincent & Kanerahtens (Dawson students) played around with stop motion animation and considered potential stories to tell. Pasha connected with Glenn and discussed animation and tons of story ideas. She may have decided to tell a story about her name and namesake and what that means in her Inuk culture. Vicky (Dawson support Elder among many of her talents and projects) came with her intern, Lawrence, and they worked together looking at photos and thinking about different story ideas. Brooke returned and started editing audio of her Tota (Grandma). 

Another amazing workshop day. Thanks everyone for working so hard to find stories!