Kahnawake - day one

So great to be on the Our World road again! As part of the AMAZING Canada Council New Chapter funding we are finally expanding NATION WIDE!! SO this is the first workshop in a series of workshops where we get to connect with folks ALL across Canada!

First stop: Kahnawake & Montreal!

Our World is joining A First Peoples’ Postsecondary Storytelling Exchange Project with Dawson College, John Abbot College, Concordia University & McGill University!  Indigenous storytellers will share stories under the theme of : education. These completed films will aim to make colleges and universities more accessible and responsive to First Nations, Métis and Inuit students, while honouring Indigenous ways of knowing and learning.

Our World mentor, Lisa, flew to Montreal from Vancouver (incredible to see the St Lawrence with it's ice tiles!)  to meet up with Mohawk filmmaking mentors: Courtney and Austin! Courtney is an incredible documentary filmmaker and just returned from New Zealand's own Māoriland Film Festival where her 72 hour film fest challenge won first place! CONGRATS! Austin is a recent grad of Vancouver Film School and loves all thing technical or along the production design vein of filmmaking!

Big thanks to folks at Dawson College for helping us! Laura for supplies and organizing and general help ! Sarah for introducing us to her class of potentially interested students!

Today we workshopped in the Library on the Kahawake Reserve with Concordia Students: Courtney (yup another Courtney) and Brooke ! I have to say we laughed A LOT. And seems like we may have way more than 2 films in these two enthusiastic students! We brainstormed today, watched film examples and Brooke even ended up interviewing her Tota (Grandmother) and capturing some video!

Thanks to Tyler at the Kahnawake Library for making us feel at home!

A Great Day!