Tsulquate - day seven & SCREENING

Friday was a whirlwind of activity!!

Kelly arrived first thing with some thoughts for her title. She also finessed her sound and credits. It didn't take Kelly long to finish this thoughtful tribute to her grandfather!

Alex edited all his scenes together and added music. Then he was off to complete some carvings and head to Alert Bay to deliver this order. Just the day in the life of a grade 12 student at Eke Me-Xi!

Shay came to add her final bits and pieces (after appointments in Nanaimo - where she brought home a puppy - Luna!!), fellow student Lisa helped out as well. Shay also confirmed that the Shelter Manager, Michael, watched the preview of her film and gave the thumbs up - in fact, he liked it so much he plans to share the video with colleagues! Shay finessed her titles, sound and added more imagery. She also found some open sourced music and shared the edit with her film subject and mother, Jen. Jen also gave the thumbs up and so Shay's film was complete!

Stephen arrived early to conduct his final shoot at Kwa'lilas Hotel, Kelly showed up early too - and since she was almost done, she went as part of the team to help with sound! Peter Wilson was on call and arrived to act up a storm. Mentor Odessa was part of the team as well and may or may not have played the role of Bakwas...look for the Bakwas' small hands!! ;) When Stephen came back at 11am, he added all his new scenes, edited audio, added sound FX, titles and played with special effects!! Down to the wire - his film was output at 4:30pm! Phew

The screening was held at Eke Me-Xi Learning Centre and there was such a whirlwind of activity to prepare. Debbie (with many others helping) created a delicious pulled pork bannock dinner with asian salad, coffee and cupcakes! DELISH! So many hands helped cook and set up the room...I noticed Shay (young filmmaker), Jen (Shay's mom), Sheila (Eke Me-Xi principal), Leah (Eke Me-Xi teacher) all cooking and moving tables and chairs! Don (Eke Me-Xi technician) helped set up the videos with Mentor Lisa g and Linguist (and actor) Peter! Mentors Odessa and Tracy got the last bits of the films on the USB keys for the community! And then after dinner it was showtime!

We like to honour all the young filmmakers and highlight their talents;

Kelly - created a charming film, an ode to her gramps, Willie Walkus! Their sweet relationship and their interest and love for their Gwa'sala culture came through in the film. Kelly is a keen technician and good with sound equipment, camera and editing. This is her third film and it feels like she is really finding her voice. The audience really responded well to this quiet but magical film.

Roberta - had her vision from day one and wanted to create a film to help young people overcome alcoholism and depression. She found family members in Alert Bay who were willing to be interviewed and both her cousin Pewi and her Auntie Pauline were brave and forthcoming! Roberta loved the new version of Final Cut X and due to her clear vision and quick and concise editing and decision making she completed the film one day ahead of schedule! This is also Roberta's 3rd film, and she has a strong trilogy of films that have important messages.

Alex - is the resident Tsulquate animator and it is his 3rd film using his signature style of animation and contemporary music while still exploring the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw experience. This year he told the story of the Dzunuk'wa who is the wild woman of the woods who steals children by putting them in her basket. Alex stayed late on Thursday to complete his film on time! 

Isaiah - from the first day he had so much enthusiasm and ideas for film! We filled the entire chalk board with ideas! Isaiah pretty quickly decided on his own personal and brave film topic on what happens when you have a disappointing & unengaged father figure. He created a powerful and poetic voiceover that would help young people in similar situations and bring hope to an otherwise hopeless-feeling situation. Perhaps this film could even influence fathers to make better decisions. Isaiah is wise beyond his years and has a bright future!

Shalyn - also had so many stories to tell but focused on making a mini - documentary about her mother and her mother's job as a Shelter Worker. A sensitive subject that was approached with Shay's caring and empathic personality and thus what was created was a personal look into a job that many would have judgment for but in the end would have more sensitivity toward.

Stephen - an artist of many genres: drawing, music, storytelling... Stephen, working on his second film, focused his sights on a comedic/suspenseful film about the Bakwas Legend whereby a Hotel Clerk learns to believe in the legend...but a little too late. Stephen's film brough the house down with this uncanny mix of suspense and comedy! He was a true director and knew what he wanted to create and then went out and created it!

A BIG BRAVO to all the filmmakers! It was a magical night, with each film adding information, inspiration, beauty and entertainment to the audience's lives! ENCORE! ENCORE!

Alex, Kelly, Roberta, Isaiah, Stephen & Shay!

Also congratulations go out to the Grade 6/7 class in the T'lisalagi'lakw School in Alert Bay - we played their animation as well!

Our World returns in May 2018 - so it will be exciting to work again with such a talented bunch of young people! 

Due to a death in the community of Alert Bay we were unable to have a screening in their community this trip, so fingers crossed in May 2018 we can do that as well!


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