Tsulquate - day six

Thursday...almost there!

We had 4 hardworking students today.

Isaiah added music and fine tuned his sound and then...he was FINISHED! The first film to hit the finish line! A brave piece that will speak to many youth out there. Isaiah admitted that it felt cathartic to create. Super job Isaiah!

Roberta finessed her film: text, additional video, sound and....she is FINISHED! She even had time to spare before the end of the day. An important film that may change the path of many young people who get to see it. Great work Roberta.

Kelly was the first to arrive and last to leave today! She shot some additional footage (of a Gwa'sala game called Lahal), added further b-roll (archival photos from Ba'as!), added a song (Celebration Song) , did her credits and only has her title to consider for tomorrow! Super hard work today!

Alex also stayed late today and animated up a storm. It is a rumour that he animated over 10 scenes today and will edit all the scenes together tomorrow. Good job!

Shay returns tomorrow for her final tweaks and Stephen plans to shoot his final scenes and add them to his edit!



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