Tsulquate - day five

Mid week found the workshop with lots of real life challenges. Sometimes life gets in the way of a film workshop. That said we still had lots of forward movement!

Roberta combined her two interviews, added secondary, b-roll and music, title AND credits. She is in a perfect position with 2 more days for fine tuning! We also sent a rough cut to Pewi who was so kind to give an interview...fingers crossed Pewi likes the edit!

Kelly also worked hard editing and reordering her story...then by adding video and imagery her film started to truly sing! By the end of the day she was even painting real live game sticks for a Gwa'sala game called Lahal that she plans to recreate and document tomorrow! 

Alex worked with Tracy creating all his animation artwork and puppetry for his Dzunuk'wa Legend...all ready to dive in first thing and start animating! 


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