Tsulquate - day four

Holy Moly Tuesday went FAST!

Shay made further edits to her film, totally reorganized her story, added titles, b-roll and credits! Shay won't be back until friday to the workshop so really worked HARD! She has plans to add music and do some final changes then.

Alex recorded his audio and started making his puppets for the story of the DzunuK'wa!

Isaiah added the rest of his b-roll, made some final audio changes and started on his special hand drawn credits!

Roberta edited her Pewi interview down to 5 minutes and edited out 1 minute of gems from her Auntie Pauline's 30 minute interview. Tomorrow she can finesse her story and start adding b-roll!

Kelly did further editing on her story and shot some b-roll out around Tsulquate.

Tray worked on his story, recorded his voice over and started putting down images on his timeline...he also tried on the Bakwus costume for Stephen's shoot!!!

Stephen did his rough assembly with all the footage he shot last night! Due to various complications the shoot at the Kwa'lilas Hotel was postponed until tomorrow.

Another day making magic happen!


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