Tsulquate - day three

Back in HARDY!

First thing was a 12 midnight - 1am film shoot at the Salvation Army Shelter with Shay and Shelter employee, Jen (Shay's mom). Shay interviewed her mom on site as well as captured some b-roll. 

Then we arrived at 8:30am to start our regular scheduled film workshop. Shay was the first to arrive! She jumped right into editing and titling! She worked hard ALL day!

Roberta edited a 40minute interview with Pewi Alfred down to 7 minutes!

Kelly edited a 17 minute interview with Grandpa Willie down to 6 minutes!

Isaiah finished his interview edit, downloaded film footage from a boat trip to the homelands that he filmed over the weekend AND shot more footage. He also placed most of this footage on top of his voice over. Isaiah's piece is really coming together - it is a true poetic film with an important and personal message about growing up without a father figure. He has a very mature understanding about how this impacted his life.

Stephen confirmed his film shoot tonight at the hotel. He confirmed both Tray and understudy Peter for the lead role. Stephen also created his shot list! Tonight should be fun. It all starts at 7pm at the Kwa'lilas Hotel

Our film crew convened at the Kwa'lilas Hotel: Stephen, Kelly, Peter, Odessa and Lisa... and Stephen cast Peter as the hotel worker and was able to shoot all the exterior scenes with the perfect twilight lighting! We were also able to shoot all interior scenes that didn't have the Bakwus (traditional monster character). Kelly ran sound and Stephen worked camera and directed. Odessa was first AD (assistant director) and Lisa g was the PA (production assistant).

Tray came a bit later and was cast as the Bakwus! Tomorrow we will borrow the Bakwus regalia from the The Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw School and finish the rest of the scenes!

Good work everyone!


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