Alert Bay - day one two three

Alert Bay was gorgeous and sunny for day one and day two and a little overcast but still beautiful on day three! It is a beautiful village on the sweet Cormorant Island home to the 'Na̱mg̱is people.

We have had a BLAST at the Animation workshop with the T'lisalagi'lakw School Grade 6-7 class - amazing.

Roberta and Kelly travelled with us from Port Hardy and helped us mentor the students. 

A big shout out to all the students who worked SO hard on their film: The Legend of the Dzunu k'aw:Hannah, Anthony, Danicca, Arianne, Samantha, Taysia, Nolan, Taylor, Kyle, Jodi, Acacia, Travis, Christopher & Kenneth. Zachary joined us for the last day for the drumming and singing!

**The school has a strict policy in regards to cel phones and photographs so there are no photographs of the students. We will let their artwork speak for them instead of their image.

Mr Cam McDonald welcomed us into the class (he is Principal and acting grade 6-7 teacher) and helped so much getting all the art supplies we needed plus allowing us to take over the whole classroom! 

Pewi Alfred, the language teacher in T'lisalagi'lakw School, helped us out SO MUCH! Roberta’s Auntie Pauline recorded the dialogue in Kwak'kwala for the The Legend of the Dzunuk'aw and then Pewi listened and wrote it all out.  Pewi then helped the students with pronunciation when the students recorded the dialogue. She then had the class sing and drum the Dzunuk'aw song !

Roberta and Kelly were on hand during the workshops to help with the students. One day Roberta helped one team weave a basket for the Dzunuk'aw in paper! Kelly helped cut out letters to animate for the credits!

On Thursday, Roberta and Kelly filmed some of the grade 6-7 students dancing and drumming for Roberta’s film. Roberta worked the camera and Kelly worked the sound.

On Friday Roberta interviewed Pewi and Auntie Pauline for her film and then captured b-roll down by the beach and around U’mista. Kelly was super generous with her time helping Roberta record sound for everything. Kelly also filmed some b-roll at the beach.

An incredible time in Alert Bay!

We will return on Saturday September 23rd for the screening at the Alert Bay Recreation Centre from 3:30-5pm-can’t wait!




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