Tsulquate - day two

It was a beautiful day to wake up in Hardy. 

Once again we had a hard working group of filmmakers at the Eke Me-Xi School.

Kelly continued to work out her film idea and wrote out questions and locations!

Shay created her shot list and got confirmation to have a shoot at the shelter!

Tray continued to work on his voice over script and found images for his film!

Isaiah finished writing his voice over, recorded it and started editing in final cut pro X!

Stephen finished his script, confirmed his location and his actor and (with the help of Irene and Andrea) located Bakwus regalia to use in his film shoot!

Roberta solidified her idea for a film about the challenges of depression specific to aboriginal communities.

Kelly, Roberta, Stephen, Isaiah and Shay also learned the camera and tripod and practiced interviews and working with the camera!


Then it was backing up projects, packing gear and heading to Port McNeill to catch the ferry making sure to pick up groceries and Japanese food along the way. We missed the 5:10 ferry by minutes so waited for the 7:40 ferry in beautiful downtown Port McNeill.

Roberta grabbed some shots while waiting for the ferry and while on the ferry. 

A long but good day.



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