Tsulquate - day one

The day started with an intense downpour but it smells so good outside that it can't stop the great feelings of being back in Port Hardy!

Driving from the Pier Side Landing hotel to Tsulquate Reserve takes 7 minutes...what a wonderful commute!

It was great to see Eke Me-Xi bustling when we arrive. This learning centre keeps growing both in it's great reputation and physically with a  new building! They now have three buildings for their learning centre!

We feel right at home in the adult learning centre (the dark brown building) and have a GREAT crew! We got our returnees: Kelly, Roberta, Stephen & Alex and some new friends/filmmakers: Isaiah, Tray & Shalyn! We are also joined by Linguist Peter Wilson! He is ready to help with archival material  depending on what stories will get told.

This year is a bit special since we first work 2 days brainstorming with the crew, learning gear and perhaps even recording some audio and gathering some imagery.  THEN Kelly & Roberta will accompany mentors Tracy and Lisa to Alert Bay for 7 days, helping  the grade 6-7 class animate at T'lisalagi'lakw School (gaining mentorship skills) AS WELL AS collecting footage while in Alert Bay for their own films. Their topics are still percolating: perhaps a personal piece about Potlatch, perhaps a family doc...who knows what these two creatives will come up with...

Once we return to Eke Me-Xi we will still have 5 more days to finish all 7 films!

As for the the rest of the team here are some film ideas:

A traditional story -animation style- about the Dzunakwa (wild woman who steals children).

A documentary exploring the effects of growing up without a father.

A documentary (perhaps utilizing animation) exploring trying to fit into another culture.

A documentary finding out what it is like for the filmmakers mom to work the night shift at the local shelter.

This group is ON FIRE with ideas - can't wait until tomorrow!


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