Eke Me-Xi - workshop day two

You know the kind of day when you blink and it is done?! Where did Friday go?

For sure it went to more fast paced filmmaking!

Lets recap:

Kelly A recorded a wonderful 24 minute interview about fishing with her grandfather. She has the interview on the timeline and figuring out what wonderful parts to keep.

Kelly G edited her entire interview with Walter about his Women’s Song and added the song itself in her background. It made mentor Lisa g tear up. Magic.

Rhianne, Casie and William were joined by Caitlyn and interviewed Grandma Nancy, imported the footage and started editing the interview. They also took a camera, tripod and audio equipment to do some interview homework in Quatsino on the weekend!

Kristine also interviewed Grandma Nancy and imported this and some b-roll imagery into final cut. The sound is synced and ready to edit. Kristine also took a camera to do some interview and b-roll homework.

Shandi shot more footage at the park and the beach and added it to her timeline. She also planned for a substantial film shoot for Tuesday at the Big House in Fort Rupert. She has cast Tyrone as the Hamatsa, her Uncle Mike as the mentor and other family members to sing and drum! SO exciting!

Sue-Ann animated her title sequence and closing credits! She is becoming an expert in green screen. She also has a plan to interview her grandmother Monday after school!

Lily created her first time-lapse drawing which worked out super cool! She is considering re-recording her voice over and is even planning for a bit of live action video…

Shekinah edited her voice over and filmed some scenes at the park, which she added quickly to her timeline. She is madly planning next steps, even perhaps altering her voice over….

Talon edited all day and made incredible headway, creating a solid rough cut of his documentary about Walter explaining his carving project and his process. A really important doc to remember the preparation for the new Big House.

At the end of the day, we tested the screening facilities at Port Hardy Secondary for the screening tomorrow night! 6pm, come one and come all!

A GREAT day! Thanks everyone!

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